Our enthusiams for the field dates back to 2003, when we first got in touch with two-component, durable hoof protection. A year later, the company IHT GmbH was founded. Two years later, I (Andreas Gotsbacher) became sole owner of IHT GmbH and have loved every moment of it since then.

The histroy of our product dates back even further. In 1992, the Australian veterinary Dr. Pollitt proved scientifically, that plastic horse shoes yielded better blood circulation in the hoof than its iron equivalents. He worked with polymers at the time. Consequently, experts in the field researched and developed suitable plastic materials. The DynamixIHT was patented in 1999. Since then, the DynamixIHT has been optimised with every production batch, to provide more durability through innovative materials. We are proud to have the production based in the Stubai valley in Tyrol, Austria, and to distribute it from our head office in Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. 

We believe that the DynamixIHT is a future-proof hoof protection that provides advantages to everyone - mostly the horse, but also its owner(s), the farriers and the veterinaries.