Our Mission

We believe in hoof protection that supports the natural movements of your horse and its hoof. Hoofs have evolved to biomechanically adapt to any terrain. Through strains and unloadings placed on the hoof, the blood circulation is stimulated and the hoof supplied with important nutrients. The hoof works similarily to a joint, and needs the freedom to move to its full abilities. Ideally, the horse can move freely without hoof protection. However, if the abrasion outcompetes the hoof growth, the horse requires to wear hoof protection. 

We offer:

The DynamixIHT provides flexibility where traditional iron horse shoes force the hoof into a plane shape. DynamixIHT:

  • is made of two-components, one hard and one soft, to provide high durability and flexibility.
  • is a metalfree, flexible hoof protection, that follows the natural movement of a hoof.
  • does not cause rubbing or chafing and hence not apply undue pressure to any part or the hoof.
  • acts antimicrobial and helps prevent common hoof diseases. 

Advantages of our DynamixIHT:

For owner:

  • Overall costs will drop, as preventative effects of the DynamixIHT horse shoe will reduce veterenary call-outs and hence cost. 
  • With healthier horses, farriers will spend less time with each horse.
  • Injuries are reduced.

For farriers:

  • The DynamixIHT is easy to work with and easily fit for each hoof.
  • There is no need for special equipment.

In therapy:         

  • DynamixIHT helps to directly prevent arthrosis, laminitis, and navicular syndrom.
  • Preventative effects help overall health of hoof.

In competitions:         

  • In endurance riding, the horse requires spend less energy on compensating the additional momentum created by heavy, iron shoes. Our two-component plastic horse shoe weighs only one third of an iron shoe.
  • It provides higher shock absorption than iron shoes, reducing pressure on the hoof.